How to install older version say 3.3.1 in centos 7


We have install MapD 3.3.1 version some time back. Now I got a requirement to install same version in other machine, From yum repo I am not able to find a way to do it. It is always pointing to latest version which is 3.4.X. Tried with tar also but help less. can someone help me on this.


Hi, you can use yum --showduplicates list mapd to see all available versions, and yum-plugin-versionlock to pin a specific version so that it doesn’t get upgraded the next time you run yum update.

Install versionlock plugin:

yum install yum-plugin-versionlock

Show available versions:

# yum --showduplicates list mapd
Available Packages
mapd.x86_64          3.1.1_20170626_45a6fa8-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.1.2_20170719_9b89178-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.1.3_20170727_edbb780-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.2.0_20170817_8ab3117-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.2.1_20170826_327e7ee-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.2.2_20170909_373c12a-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.2.3_20170922_fbc71bb-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.2.4_20171006_6a29a52-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.3.0_20171026_ed76a7a-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.3.1_20171108_32e7bcc-1   mapd-ce-cpu
mapd.x86_64          3.4.0_20180116_a484981-1   mapd-ce-cpu

Add versionlock for 3.3.1:

# yum versionlock mapd-3.3.1_20171108_32e7bcc-1
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, ovl, versionlock
Adding versionlock on: 0:mapd-3.3.1_20171108_32e7bcc-1
versionlock added: 1

Install MapD:

# yum install mapd
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, ovl, versionlock
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package mapd.x86_64 0:3.3.1_20171108_32e7bcc-1 will be installed

Use yum versionlock clear mapd once you’re ready to upgrade to v3.4.0 or the soon to be released v3.5.0.