How to make backend rendered choropleth chart?


I made backend choropleth using rasterChart with polys layer. it works fine but when I click on an area for filtering it shows

mapdc.js:5156 Error: Exception: Parse failed: Encountered "WHERE )" at line 1, column 32.
Was expecting one of:
    "ORDER" ..

How does mapd immerse use backend choropleth (with working filtering)?


Hi @shovon,

Have you referred to exampleMultiLayerMap.js under mapd-charting/example which shows rendering of polygons and using crossfilter feature.



can you please give me a working example?
I couldn’t make it work?


exampleMultiLayerMap.js is already broken for a small typo aggregrate, even after fixing it, it still returns a error showing sql does not have a poly table.


.popupColumns([‘color’, ‘key0’]) fixes the problem


Hi @shovon,

I will discuss with engineering and get back to you.



Hi @shovon,

FYI, mapd-charting has been updated and the code for MultiLayer map as well as Multilayer Scatter chart examples are working now.

Happy New Year!