How to use my Ubuntu machine as a server to host MAPD dashboards to the outside world?


Hello Everyone.

I have an Ubuntu server with MAPD running perfectly. I want to host my MAPD Immerse dashboards so that I can show them to other people that are not connected in LAN. Basically, I want my dashboards to be available to public just like your MAPD immerse demos tweetmap, US Airline flights, etc are available.

Kindly tell me how to do it. Any help is more than welcome.

Thanks and kind regards.


You haven’t to do anything on Ubuntu machine, you have just to configure a nat/port mapping on the router connected to internet.

Let’s assume your Ubuntu machine has an internal address of

You have to tell to your router to call the address when he receives request on your Internet address on port 9092 using the same port.

Or you can configure another port e.g. port 80 (the standard http one) and tell you router to call address on port 9092 when he receives call on Internet address port 80.

This is the most basic configuration that assume you have just a Internet address available with the minimal hardware required. Anyway it’s not exactly the best config

Here an example of config on a basic adsl router

The first port is the one for the Internet address the second is the destination (the translation from Italian is “use the same port of source”)


Thank you so much dear Aznable for the detailed description.

By internet address, you mean an IP address e.g. ?

Also kindly tell me what the users(outside world) would write to their browser address bar to direct them to my dashboards ?

Thanks and kind regards.



You need to get a static ip from your network provider or use a dynamic dns system (see wiki). Either of these route will give you an address for the outside world to get access to your machine.

The general technique @aznable is referring to for access to your actual service from your firewall/router is called port-forwarding please review general details here



No is lan address( just an example using ipv4 addresses reserved for internal networks, it could be 10.x.x.x ) you can find Internet address in your router ( assuming you have a router providing internet access)

The Internet address can be static ( it means that your router will have every time the same address) or dynamic (the router could get a different address).

If you have a dynamic address you can use a dynamic dns service like (there are many) configuring the router with the service ( basically the router will comunicate the Internet address to the dynamic dns service so you will be able to share your dashboards with the same name whatever your Internet address is)