How to zoom/pan/mouse interact on rasterChart without map layer



still making progress little by little on making scatter plots, hopefully this question is not that stupid:
is it possible to implement the basic functionality of zooming/panning/mouse hovering on a rasterChart that doesn’t have any map layer in background?

In the examples on github that allows to access to on(), getZoom(), etc.

However if the chart is created without map layer (dc.rasterChart(parent, false)) then map() is unavailable (_map being undefined).

Is this possible at all or should I be using a trick (e.g. a clear/empty mapbox layer)? I see on MapDImmerse that it works for scatter plot (without map layer).

thanks a lot!


Empty works:

not sure if this is the correct way to do it but it works :slight_smile:

this workaround may not be suitable, after adding the map the axis can no longer be displayed, the data is no longer showing up properly oops :confused:
any suggestion?


I’m tracking down someone to help with this as well, @claude.


thanks @aaron_mapd, looking forward to hearing back from you