I want to give the cmake option to mapd_server


When making a mapd_server, I want to give you the option to make a cm.

After adding -pg option for gprof to /mapd-core/build/CMakefiles/mapd_server.dir/flags.make, run ‘make -j 4’.
However, the .out file was not created even if ‘mapd_server’ was run.

Run the ‘$make -j 4’ command and go back to flags.make.The -pg option is removed. How can I give the cmake an option? Is it correct to write options on this file?


Hi @Hyuck,

The option you’re looking for is CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:


Options set in that manner will be persisted until you delete the build directory.

You can also use ccmake (if installed) to get a tui which lets you see and set all available options.


Thank you!!!
How i apply multi cxx flags?
For example, i want to give a flags to mapd_server.
i try, but it applied only ‘-pg’
$cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-g -pg …