Immerse Dashboard can not show pointmap from view


When I create a view containing POINT objects and try to use it to draw a pointmap in a dashboard I get the error-message: Exception: Exception occurred: org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 1, column 95 to line 1, column 101: Column ‘rowid’ not found in table ‘myview’.

If I turn the view into a table instead everything works as it is supposed to. It also works if I create a heatmap. So it seems like the problem only occurs when I try to display points from views in a pointmap. Is this a known issue?


Hi @albinsunesson,

By default the view does not include the rowid column from the underlying table. You should be able to include the rowid column in the projection when you create the view. Something like:

create view dc_metro_view as (select rowid, mapd_geo, line from dc_metro_stations);

We use the rowid column to do lookups for the hit testing feature in the pointmap.

Hope that helps!


If you are using a view is likely you are joining tables so try to to add the rowid column of the most fine grained table