Immerse enterprise trial issues


Some issued here on my first attempt to try Immerse Enterprise.

  1. Without general filter, nor chart filter, nor geo chart filtering by excluding point outside the map, -still - not all points are rendered .

  2. Cross Filtering leads to the browser page becomes not responsive anymore: i.e. : clicking on a bar of a barchart cross filters the other charts correctly; then re-clicking the same bar in order to remove the filter, leads to the web page not responding anymore.

  3. When a cross filter is applied, all but line chart are cross-updated. No filter applies also on line chart.

Already tried to remove browser cache files.

Centos - Mapd 3.6 - single node GPU


Thanks for sharing this, @camgia. I’m taking these issues to our Immerse team, and I’ll get back to you. They might have some questions about your dataset to reproduce the errors, do you mind if we reach out to you over email, if we need to?



I am fully available for whatever could help you.




Could you send me your sample data set?

Also could you clarify your first point, is this on a point map? Are you saying not all points are rendered even though you have NOT applied any filters?



Hi Mythili,

i just fixed the first point (yes, I was telling exactly that): it was a matter of some null in lat/lon, therefore no more problem here.

For the filter/unresponsivity problem, the problem is still there, I attach here the full json file of the dashboard exported, and some sample data.

Finally, I should add another problem : I opened the same dashboard in a different Pc in the same lan ( windows 10 this time) pointing to the MapD installation on Centos, and the dashboard does not work: a different number of point are read ( an older epoch?) and it doesn’t respond, although the dashboard shows that I am in the Trial Enterprise, so the same version of the Centos Pc.

I didn’t got the same problems with the community version.



I am executing several test for the filter/unresponsivity problem, and I found out that some times the filter works correctly, cross-updating all the charts, but the majority of times it doesn’t, and leads to the freeze of the Web page ( Chrome & Firefox tested). Therefore it is random.


Hi Gianfranco

Thanks for getting back to me with your csv. I will try and reproduce the issues internally and log tickets. I will keep you posted when they get prioritized and fixed.

Kind Regards,


Hi Mythili ,

please do not post publicly the example data.

In addition here you find the create statement i am using, and the error that I get when using “Developer Tools” in Google Chrome.

I narrowed down the issue and found that the problem is the “Combo chart”. Removing or substituting that with a line chart makes the problem disappear.

Hope it helps.

Thank you.

CREATE_TABLE_operint.txt (639 Bytes)


Hi Gianfranco,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Rest assured I will NOT post the file in public.

Kind Regards,


Hi mythili,
let me add that the chart cross updating in Immerse Enterprise, has other problems when using line chart:

if I have a table chart listing a dimension to drive the cross filtering, if I select a single point on the dimension table chart, the line chart becomes empty, and don’t show data anymore even removing all filters on the table chart.