Immerse time zone wrong



if I create a date as :


and than I import this value with time zone :

2018-06-13 09:29:00 +0200

Immerse shows a different time zone (2 hours less) , while selecting from the mapd database shows the correct time (both from Immerse SQL EDITOR or Squirrel SQL)

I’m in the CEST time zone and I’m wondering why Immerse should behave differently from extracting by SQL.



It seems that importing with the right time zone was successful, but still Immerse doesn’t show the correct time


@camgia what is your version and environment?


Mapd 3.6.1, Centos 7.3, GPU enabled (GTX 1080)



This is basically different representations of the same date.

loading to MapD

mapdql> CREATE TABLE operint (data TIMESTAMP) ;
mapdql> insert into operint values ('2018-06-13 09:29:00 +0200');

We asked the data to be loaded with a time offset

We store all data in MapD based on UTC so the date is converted on insert to be a UTC time

query direct from MapD via mapdql

mapdql> select * from operint;
2018-06-13 07:29:00

If you query that data through sqleditor it will adjust the displayed time to your browsers local (I am in the PDT timezone) so:


But when we display though a chart in immerse we are displaying as UTC eg:


All the dates are correct, maybe just not completely consistent in the Immerse interface between a chart and the sqleditor.


Date timezone issue

Thanks for explaining that,
I think that the difference in the time zone from different tools is a bad behavior overall, because a not-UTC user could be confused about what time the data are referring to, and this could possibly lead to wrong analysis of data - from wrong interpretation of time.

In my case I have this situation:

  • Immerse = UTC

  • Squirrel (jdbc) = CET

  • mapdql = UTC

  • SQL Editor = CET

I managed this behavior using always in the dashboard the customized expression:

DATEADD(date_part, interval, timestamp)

and also have to remember using the same in mapdql.

But I think that would be better if Immerse and mapdql would take into account the time offset of the data imported.

Cheers !