Importing shape files


error while importing shape files, please help.


The same problems appears with LINESTRING aswell


Hi @Blondiejohan - Thanks for reaching out. We do not support POINT, LINESTRING or POLYGON geo types, but they are coming in a future release. As well as ST_Distance and ST_Contains functions, and support in the importer.

I will keep this thread open and let you know when it’s available in the product.

If we have a beta period for the version with those features, would you be interested in trying it out and giving us feedback?

Thanks again! Aaron


Yes we are very interested in a beta test. When do you think this would
become available?


Excellent. I’ve added you to our interest list, and I will email you when we’re ready.

I don’t have a very solid time line yet, we just released 3.4 and we’re doing the release planning for future versions now. I will let you know.


Can you put me on this list as well?


I’ve added you as well, @ankan.


Awesome! thanks! @aaron_mapd


@aaron_mapd would you mind adding me to this list as well? I am currently trying the enterprise version and it would be great to know when shapefiles and spatialJoins will be added to the product :slight_smile:


@dfernan @ankan you may have seen but as of MapD 4.0, we support spatial querying and rendering on native geospatial types.