IN and NOT IN subquery


recently i have been using mapd for my work and i find “Node LogicalIntersect not supported yet” so i use expr IN to replace, but i get the exception unalbe to handle expr in subquery returned 10000+ rows. so i am asking is there any solution for this now?



This message is a static watchdog exception, It is in place to notify you that the query you are about to try to run may suffer performance or memory issues, based on a set of heuristics about query sizes, ‘shape’ and other metrics.

How large is the subquery result going to be?

You can choose to disable watchdog by setting --enable-watchdog=false when starting mapd_server.

You can then give your query another try.



I am trying to use mapd on billions of data records and the subquery result may be millions.
Another question is will mapdql support run a .sql script. since i am using jdbc , but jdbc does not support update now. Is there any other support to run a .sql script now?



When you say .sql script, do you just mean a file containing a number of sql command?

Is this is the case, yes mapdql can support it. mapdql can have a file redirected to it via < etc


mapdql -p password < mysql.sql