Inner SQL Problem



When I tried to execute below SQL mapd crashed.

select * from (select * from mapd_states) where id=‘01’ limit 100




I guess you are facing a BUG on this specific table (or the contents of it); I can query several tables with more columns/rows and complex geometries without facing any issue

select * from (select * from mapd_geo_com_ita) where cod_rip=1;
3021 rows returned.
Execution time: 15 ms, Total time: 2155 ms


Thanks for your replying,

Actually I just installed mapd docker version. And the table and data came from this docker image. I installed mapd-ce-cpu docker image. I didn’t do anything about configuration. So must I do some configurations?



Nope. I wanted to point out, there’s a problem with mapd_states table only; it doesn’t look like not a generalized one.

I suggest to don’t abuse using this kind of query because it could lead to a materialization of the inner query, impacting on performance