Insert Sample Data failed


I got the mapd docker image to run. However it didn’t work when I tried to insert sample data. I use Mac OSX running Docker 17.12 CE.

See the checkpoint section in the following instruction page:

TXMBDL01KT6238:~ kt6238$ docker container ls
a45fbf35c1cb mapd/mapd-ce-cpu “/bin/sh -c '/mapd/s…” 30 minutes ago Up 30 minutes>9090-9092/tcp hungry_tesla
TXMBDL01KT6238:~ kt6238$ docker exec -it a45fbf35c1cb bash
root@a45fbf35c1cb:/mapd# sudo $MAPD_PATH/insert_sample_data
bash: sudo: command not found
root@a45fbf35c1cb:/mapd# $MAPD_PATH/insert_sample_data
bash: /insert_sample_data: No such file or directory
root@a45fbf35c1cb:/mapd# $MAPD_PATH

MapD for MacOs use

This did not work for me in Mac OS X.


To verify that all systems are go, load some sample data, perform a mapdql query, and generate a Table chart using Immerse.

MapD ships with two sample datasets of airline flight information collected in 2008. To install the sample data, run the following command from the Docker image command line.

sudo $MAPD_PATH/insert_sample_data
When prompted, choose whether to insert dataset 1 (7 million rows) or dataset 2 (10 thousand rows). The examples below use the smaller 10 thousand row dataset.

Enter dataset number to download, or ‘q’ to quit:

Dataset Rows Table Name File Name

  1. Flights (2008) 7M flights_2008_7M flights_2008_7M.tar.gz
  2. Flights (2008) 10k flights_2008_10k flights_2008_10k.tar.gz


Sorry about these issues, I’ll ask the documentation team to clarify things a bit.

To add the sample datasets, run the following when inside the container:

cd /mapd # should already be there


OK thanks.
Does Community Edition come with pointmap ? I don’t have that option on top.


BTW my Mac doesn’t have Nvidia GPU. Is that because pointmap feature requires GPU?


Everything using backend rendering need an nvidia gpu; so that’s the reason because you are not seeing scatter plot and point map