Install of MapD CE asks for authorization - how to obtain credentials


Hello there,

I’m following the install guide for MapD Community Edition found on

When I get to the creation of mapd.list (the step after installing the CUDA drivers) i bump into a 401 Authorization Required warning.

The url accessed is

I guess that the ‘ee’ part in the URL stands for Enterprise Edition, I tried switching that to ‘ce’ but that doesn’t work either. So after searching this forum / the Internet for people running in to the same problem it appears that nobody has this problem but me (or nodody asks)…

Could someone give me a heads up on how to obtain the credentials needed for the install of the Community Edition?

Thanks in advance (can’t wait to test this!)



Typo in Ubuntu CE GPU install docs

Sorry about that, I’ll ask to get that fixed.

Try using this URL:


Thanks Daniel and Andrew! The docs are fixed, now.


Ah, looks like I only replaced the first ‘ee’ and not the second one in my guesswork :wink: Many thanks for the correct URL!