Installation on virtual machine



I run a centos 7 guest system using vmware workstation player on host windows 10 laptop with nvidia geforce gpu.

How do I configure the centos guest system to access the host gpu for mapd installation?




Thanks for looking into MapD

We do not generally work with VM Host machines that are Windows. I am unaware of any way to passthrough the GPU from a windows host to a guest.

I did a quick google literature search and could not see anything,

Your option may be to virtualize both your windows and your linux under a single hypervisor that will allow GPU passthrough to both when required.



Thanks for the notes. For now, I could run the cpu version of the mapd products in the virtual centos environent.


I don’t know if this helps, but Tom Kaye (Senior Solutions Architect, Professional Visualization) @ NVidia gave a talk at GTC 2017 about multi-user VR installations on a single server. In effect, he had four HTC Vive headsets connected to four NVidia cards; each allocated to different VMWare VMs running on the server. He specifically mentioned GPU pass through. And, while I don’t know what OS he was using, I’m assuming it was windows.



We regularly divide machines up for testing via virtualization.

The guest machines can be windows

As far as I’m aware the host machine needs to be Linux or a hypervisor to get GPU passthrough.

I will see if I can find a reference to his talk but I suspect his guest OS was not windows



I have a copy of his slides and an email address but I don’t want to post them in an open forum. New to the site. Is there a way to send a private message?

There’s a link at the bottom on this article on requesting his design guide, if it helps.



Thanks for the link.

I reviewed the pdfs from the GTC talk and it appears they mention two different hypervisors

Citrix XenServer 6.2
Vmware vsphere 5.5

For our purposes, allowing GPU passthrough for MapD execution on a guest machine, we have also had good success of using KVM on a linux host box.

If there is interest in the setup of getting MapD to run as a Linux host using KVM I could share the setup steps.



Hi Dwayne,

I don’t do much (anything, really) with databases or virtualization. (I’m more a VR and scientific visualization developer.) But, I have co-workers who do a lot of database and web service development for the Gov. community. They’re pretty well entrenched in their own solutions, and I couldn’t even tell you what it is right now.

I don’t have access to a linux host, so I thought a linux VM might be a solution. (Again, don’t know the tech very well.) It would be for my own experimentation and maybe inspire some interest from the DB guys.

So, there’s interest on my part, but I only have access to a Windows machine. Probably not worth spending a lot of time on. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.