Installing community edition on Nvidia Jetson Tx1


I have a Nvidia Jetson Tx1 and was wondering if the community edition would install and run on it.
Any thoughts? thanks.


Hi @rharding -

I think that Community Edition probably would run on an NVIDIA Jetson Tx1 (since it supports CUDA), but I suspect you’ll find it to be pretty underwhelming. You’d likely get a better experience using a CPU-based Community Edition version, where you could at least have more RAM and hard drive space.

But if you do try it and it works decently, we’d love to hear about it!

Update: I was incorrect @rharding, our engineers let me know that we do not distribute a Community Edition build for ARM-based processors at this time, but with enough tinkering you might be able to compile the open-source MapD-Core to work on ARM.