Is it possible to have a dashboard backed by a view?


We have several views created for our data, and would like to use them for dashboarding/charting.

Is this possible?


Yes I have several them; you have just to create the view an select it as your source data for the dashboards


hrmmm…weird, I was getting errors with that approach, I’ll poke around a bit more and see if I can get it to go.


@tflinz Are you on the latest version of MapD (3.2)? There was an issue that was recently fixed around views.


We are on the release just before that. so it is possible that’s the issue…we’ll double check a few other things with the views in question and see if we can get it working.

(to be fair, the new version only came out yesterday :wink: , not much time for a maintenance window :stuck_out_tongue: )


There was a bug :ant: (lol) when you applied filters on views, but you can circumvent with workarounds.

Which errors are you getting?


I think our error was related to the view not being fully valid/supported.

(I guess I’ll have to file a separate thread for requesting view-validation before allowing creation, lol :wink: )