Is string concat on the road map?


Sometimes I enjoy joining two strings together.


Hey @jcdang. Help me understand your use case a little better. Are you trying to concat some groups to get a nicer looking report, or are you trying to concat in your iterations loop?

We don’t have either on the roadmap today, I’m just trying to understand the gap.



Use case: I have a latitude and longitude column in an existing table. Since st_mkpoint does not exist yet, I want to cast the coordinates to strings and concatenate them so I can use them in st_geomfromtext(). Instead, I need to create a new table, convert my original table with tens of millions of rows to shapefiles, and upload everything with geometries.


Hi @Josh,

Refer to the section Importing Legacy CSV/TSV in which shows how to create a new table from an old CSV file with Lon/Lat columns which are replaced with a single POINT column.