Is there any Immerse Portal for only Report Users


I am exploring the various Charts and other features in Immerse Dashboards. and have a Community Edition. However, had few questions:

  1. When I share a Dashboard (link) to a business User, do we need set-up on his machine. Or he should be simply able to access through web portal without having worry about much of set-up

  2. Is there any Immerse view for Business Users, where he can see all dashboards available and click anyone to view details.

  3. And can we subscribe to reports to get Dashboards in emails. :slight_smile:

  4. Can my director be able to see a Dashboard on his Tab

Sorry, but thinking in terms of few Business User/Higher Managements who is interested in browsing and viewing reports. These questions are based on my experience working with Business.

Thanks in advance



Please take a look at documentation here around sharing a dashboard.

Currently permission control around dashboards is limited, but we will are actively working to expland control in this area very soon.



Thanks. for the reply