Is there support for selecting from multiple tables?


Is there support for query syntax that uses something like:
SELECT * FROM table1,table2, ... , tableN;

This is similar to a union all operator: UNION operator; merge two tables vertically

Also, if you are looking for inspiration, the syntax options on google big query are quite nice:



@tflinz No we currently don’t support anything exactly like that

What would be the use case you would like to see this for?

Are you trying to have the ability to have a conceptually “never-ending-table” where you create new date ranged tables say once a month and have 12 tables representing the last 12 months “rolling” forward? If this is the case we do have the ability to create a table with a maximum number of rows specified which acts like a fifo queue, removing the records in order of load as it reaches capacity.



Not quite (though that is related),

In general we have found that doing daily tables is useful, since if there are any issues with streaming data in/missed values for certain time ranges, etc. That instead of having to reload the entire table (ie. billions of rows), that you just reload the day that encompasses the time-range in question.

It is also nice for having a view in front of the set of tables, to do the rollover situation that you mention. (ie. you just put the last 30,60,90 days, etc.) worth of data into the “current” view, and point the/a dashboard at that.