Is there support for self joins?


Did some experimenting but could not get it to work.

Got either a,

`Exception: Hash join failed, reason: Could not build a 1-to-1 correspondence for columns involved in equijoin`

or a,

`Exception: ERROR-- Validate failed: From line x, column x to line x, column x: Duplicate relation name 'x' in FROM clause`




Yes we can support very limited self join.


mapdql> create table sjoin (jk text, v1 integer);
mapdql> insert into sjoin values ('t1',1);
mapdql> insert into sjoin values ('t2',2);
mapdql> select a.v1 + b.v1 total , a.jk key from sjoin a join sjoin b on a.jk = b.jk;

We currently insist on a star style schema so 1-to-1 relationships from fact to dimension table currently. So your limit with a self join is very limiting ie one row to itself.

We plan to expand this capability very soon to allow more flexibility on the join criteria.


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