JDBC driver DatabaseMetadata.getTypeInfo returning null error in SQLSquirrel


MAPD JDBC driver 0.1

Having connected to a database, attempting to view the type information (i.e. DatabaseMetadata.getTypeInfo) causes a null error



Can you elaborate a little.more on steps to reproduce.

I seem to be able to use squirrelsql ok



Use SQLSquirrel to connect to a MAPD server
From the main node in tree you can browse information returned by the DatabaseMetadata interface
If you click on the tab to view the type information it fails due to a null pointer exception

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.mapd.jdbc.MapDResultSet.getObject(MapDResultSet.java:557)



Can you send me a screenshot like this

I seem to be able to get the metadata



You have clicked on a table which is DatabaseMetadata.getColumns.

Click on the top node (localmapd)




Got it thanks.

Can reproduce.

Will raise an issue.