JDBC driver Maven artifact


Just curious if there are any plans to publish the MapD JDBC driver as an artifact to the official Maven repository, so we don’t have to check the JAR file into source control and can instead pull it in via dependency management?




There has been a lot of discussion about this recently. There is no immediate time line on this but I believe we will undertake this in the not too distant future.



Any news here? We’d love to have mapd in Maven central to be able to download it automatically in DBeaver.


Hi @serge-rider,

while I was working on JDBC driver to make it works with Tableau, I did the necessary changes to enhance the compatibility with beaver, so now exceptions on FK aren’t thrown anymore, the views are on view lists etc.

Being a generic JDBC connection, the ddl of the table is somewhat incorrect (maybe I would say incomplete) and the ddl of the views isn’t returned at all (I guess because doesn’t exist a standard JDBC method to get this information). Is possible to fix those flaws just by adding something external to the tool of your or I have to implement directly on dbeaver? (I’m sorry for this stupid question, but I’m a little short on time lately)

While being a fan of the command line, I must admit your tool is very nice :wink:


Yep, DBeaver doesn’t support native MapD feature yet, art the moment we just trying to add MapD in the list of preconfigured drivers. And we need some automatic way to download driver jar for that.

Implementing native table DDL/view source can be done after that (in most cases it is quite easy to do).