JDBC POJO representing Spatial POINT object


I am creating a pipeline which underlying generates Java code, i would like to take 2 float representing long/lat and convert those into some Java representation object of mapd POINT.

I have found this class:

But its not available on JDBC driver level (or at least I cannot find it)… Is there any other Jar library which I should use for this purpose?

Of course I can generate simply string INSERT T VALUES (POINT(O.LONG,O.LAT); and things done.

Any hints welcomed.


When I check quickly the JDBC sample codes, it looks you use always direct STRING queries, I cannot find any kind of Object driven query construction, so I will just construct this query:
insert into LOCATION_EVENTS values (1, ‘POINT (0 0)’, ‘2015-05-11 211720’, ‘s’,‘t’);

And try to send it over wire…


Glad you were able to figure it out :slight_smile: