JDBC w/ Streamsets


Has anyone successfully linked MapD to streamsets?

I get the following after installing the mapdjdbc jar and trying to create a connection

CONTAINER_0701 - Stage ‘JDBCQueryConsumer_01’ initialization error: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Not supported yet, line:208 class:com.mapd.jdbc.MapDStatement method:setFetchSize


you are calling setFetchSize method, not implemented on Mapd jdbc driver; got this kind of errors while using the driver with 3rd party products, and had to modify the driver


That’s what I figured. I had similar issues with DataGrip. A shame as I am not a java developer at all.


i am not a java developer too, but i modified the driver to experiment;)

if you want to experiment i can send a modified driver …this is the beauty of open source software


I’d love to see it. I’m using mapdjdbc-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar for the JDBC. I opened it up in IntelliJ IDEA and found the code related to it. Looks like a “to do” type thing. I assume you updated this function call with some relevant code?

public int getFetchSize() throws SQLException {
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet, line:" + (new Throwable()).getStackTrace()[0].getLineNumber() + " class:" + (new Throwable()).getStackTrace()[0].getClassName() + " method:" + (new Throwable()).getStackTrace()[0].getMethodName());


Not so relevant, because in the end is useless. Just return the value of a private variable in the class, you can set with set fetch size, but it hasn’t any practical effect.
Anyway it was one of modifications I did this summer to makes driver work with Lumira or Oracle DV.
Now I am modifying the drivers to test with Microstrategy, so I did a pull did modificantions and recompiled so I have a fresh build of you need it


Please do. There’s an upload button here in the reply box or you can upload to github?


sent in a private message; are you planning to use mapd as origin or destination?


I have two workflows where it can be either origin or destination. I will give this a try today. Thank you for sharing!