Licensing confusion


Today I saw announcement of the open source MapD Core and other components.

I see the code is Apache licensed on github.
On downloads, I can see that there is a Community version and Enterprise. I understand the Enterprise is for commercial use.

What I don’t understand is whether/how can I use the Community MapD Core commercially (without reporting). On the comparison table I see a tick (assuming yes). In the e-mail with download link it says “The MapD Analytics Platform Community Edition offers a non-commercial and academic use license of MapD Core database with rendering engine pre-installed” which would imply that I can’t.

Please explain whether there is an option to use MapD core commercially. If yes then whether I can use the community edition or if I have to build it from source.


Hi @voltcode, thanks for your message.

We are currently looking into this and will get back to you shortly.


Hi @voltcode, we are going to create a new version of the EULA which allows commercial usage of the product if server-side rendering is disabled (through a flag) and the Immerse visual analytics system is not used. The charting API can be used in commercial mode (it is open source). The new EULA should be available by next week.


Hi @voltcode,

We just posted a new EULA which allows for commercial use of the MapD Community Edition when server-side rendering and MapD Immerse are not used. You can disable rendering capabilities at runtime by passing the flag --rendering=false when invoking mapd_server. (Note that rendering is not including in the CPU-only version).

Hope this helps!



Hi, Todd,

We are planning for GPU based DB for our commercial platform and started evaluating, so far mapd is really really good. With the license, it was little confusing and wanted to get that clarified.

I assume the GitHub version of MapdCore is Apache license, build of it doesn’t have restrictions on usage for commercial but there seems to be the ELUAce.txt file in GitHub and it has very different statement agreement. Pls, can this verify?



Hi Gopinath,

As mentioned in the README, the EULA in the open source repository specifically covers the use of MapD Immerse, which may be downloaded as part of the build process. MapD Core itself, as available at and when built from the repository at, is under the Apache License.

To ensure that Immerse is not downloaded as part of the build process, add the -DMAPD_IMMERSE_DOWNLOAD=off flag to CMake:


I need to check, but now that Immerse displays its EULA on first use, we may be able to remove the file from the mapd-core repo & eliminate this confusion.


Thanks for the clarification. I was searching for details on any paid/subscription only support for Mapd_core Apache 2.