Lock axis only 0 base on Line/Combo chart


Line/Combo chart can lock/unlock axis range.
But sometimes it needs to lock axis base( left/down side of axis ) with 0 and to unlock other range for higher value.


Hi @jude - Thanks for raising this request, it’s very interesting. Could you share a few more details about your use case? I want to make sure we fully understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

What does your chart look like with the current locking behavior, and what behavior or state do you want to design?


Base 0 axis is useful with chart filter.
Sometimes unlocked axis range makes misunderstanding.


unlocked axis range

with axis base 0


Thank you for these screenshots - yes I can see your concern for locking to 0 on the lower bound y-axis and how the filtering would then potentially create a bad visualization with a locked upper bound range. Great catch! I’ll reach out to engineering and report your findings.