Lock down dashboard when sharing?


How can I lock down my dashboard to prevent edits when sharing?

Like this: NYC Taxi Rides


Hi @vacquah,

At this time you cannot lock down the dashboard, but we are working on having different types of user accounts ie admin, user etc. You can then give varying levels of access like read only etc to the non-admin users. So please stay tuned.

If you notice, the NYC Taxi Rides dashboard does not have a save button and the server is running a customized version tailored for demo purpose.


Hi @vacquah,

You can also make the server side change to lockdown your MapD and make it read-only before sharing it with others. The feature is explained in the documentation https://www.mapd.com/docs/latest/getting-started/configuration/?highlight=read%20only

Here is the sample mapd.conf that enables the read-only option:
$ cat /var/lib/mapd/mapd.conf
port = 9091
http-port = 9090
data = "/var/lib/mapd/data"
null-div-by-zero = true
read-only = true

port = 9092
frontend = “/opt/mapd/frontend”

Then restart the MapD daemons:
sudo systemctl restart mapd_server sudo systemctl restart mapd_web_server


Retyping the restart commands:
Core Server - sudo systemctl restart mapd_server
Immerse UI - sudo systemctl restart mapd_web_server