MapD 3.1.01 and JMeter (.jdbc) load testing?



I am interested to run some load tests against an instance of MapD Comunity Edition 3.1.01 using JMeter 3.2.

I have generated test plans to attempt the “executeQuery” method through JMeter but I receive the following error.
java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Query failed : Exception: Node LogicalValues not supported yet)

Is it really unsupported or am I doing something wrong? Are there any example JMeter test plans for load testing MapD?




The issue you are getting there is due to the query you are trying to execute. Please share the query you are trying to run so we can help you fix the issue.

I would also recommend you update your community edition version to the latest v3.2.1.



Wow, that was a quick response! Thanks!

select count(distinct chck_id) as "VISIT COUNT", sum(un_qty) as "UNITS SOLD" from XYZ_TABLE where store_num = 99999 ;

I am planning to upgrade next week.



Here is a basic testplan (1.7 KB)




That query looks fine. Do you have a connection validation query that might be different?

If not please send a snippet of the log (mapd_server.INFO) showing the query being executed on the server.



Hey Dwayne,
You nailed it. The connection validation query I was using was not good. Everything is working now. Much appreciated!