MapD 3.4 Released


We’re excited to announce that version 3.4 of the MapD Platform was released this morning, including updates to both Community and Enterprise Editions. You can give it a try now by installing a fresh MapD instance, or upgrading your existing instance.

Curious what’s inside? Check out the full list of updates in the release notes. This version includes a number of important new features and fixes across the entire platform: Core SQL engine, renderer, and Immerse visual analytics.

The open source MapD Core includes a few things we’d like community members to try:

  • Loading of dictionary-encoded data is now 15-30% faster
  • Several new thrift calls were added including get_tables, get_views, get_physical_tables, and get_hardware_info; as well as get_completion_hints to enable friendlier SQL clients, and deallocate_df to deallocate an unused data frame
  • Upgrade to JDBC 4.0

Please let us know your experience, either by posting here in the forum, or emailing us directly ( You can also post any issues you run into directly into the MapD Core GitHub repo.

Mythili Gopalakrishnan also wrote a great blog post this morning outlining some of the newest visual analytics features, which we’ve bundled together into a package called MapD Enterprise Immerse. The multisource dashboards, multilayer geo charts, and dashboard auto-refresh are very slick, and you can get your hands on them from directly inside Community Edition v3.4. Request a key for a 30-day trial of MapD Enterprise Immerse by using the ‘Help’ > ‘Try MapD Enterprise’ menu link.

Thanks all!



i downloaded tarball from mapd’s download page, but it’s the 3.3.1 version


Sorry about that. The tarball links should all be updated now.