MapD 3.5 released!


We’re excited to announce that version 3.5 of the MapD Platform was released this morning, including updates to both Community and Enterprise Editions. You can give it a try now by installing a fresh MapD instance, or upgrading your existing instance.

The full list of updates is in the release notes. This version includes a number of important new features:


  • S3 Import: COPY FROM now supports directly loading data files (including compressed formats supported in release 3.4) from S3 buckets.
  • KafkaImporter: MapD can now read delimited rows from Kafka topics using the efficient binary columnar load path.
  • StreamImporter: New utility with improved streaming reads for data load, using binary columnar load path.
  • outer join performance improvements
  • autocomplete support in mapdql

Rendering Engine

  • performance improvements in rendering datasets with large numbers of polygons


  • SQL Editor now includes autocomplete and syntax highlighting
  • Scatter Plot and Geo Pointmap charts now support aggregations.
  • Immerse can now be configured to point Mapbox at an internal Atlas Server
  • Immerse now allows adding additional mapbox basemap styles and 3rd party map tiles
  • Community Edition EULA is updated.

Please let us know your experience, either by posting here in the forum, or emailing us directly ( You can also post any issues you run into directly into the MapD Core GitHub repo.

We also have a blog post with more information.

Thanks for participating!