MapD 3.6 released!


Hi all,

We wanted to let you know that on Tuesday the 13th we released MapD 3.6. Full release notes can be found here, but in a nutshell the release contains:

  • The ability to shard tables for outer left joins

  • Improved string comparison capabilities for dictionary encoded strings (i.e. text column less than or greater than some string literal)

  • Ability to do spatial projections in Vega (i.e. convert points from lon/lat to web mercator)

  • A new beta combo chart that allows multiple series of bars and lines on the same graph

  • The ability to export data from frontend-rendered charts in Immerse to CSV

  • Several important bug fixes and performance improvements, particularly around dictionaries and approx_count_distinct

We recommend all users pick up this release. We’d also love to hear your feedback as well!

We also have some major pieces of functionality that will be released in the coming months, so stay tuned!

To try it out, we invite you to get a fresh install of MapD or upgrade your existing instance.
Thanks and regards


it has a feature i requested not long ago… .Potential feature request (or may exist)… nice!