MapD 4.0 has arrived and it's very spatial!


We are very pleased to announce a new, major release of MapD!

The official product announcement is here: Announcing MapD 4.0
And the technical blog post, with more details and use cases, is here: MapD Goes Big with Geospatial

I can sum it all up by saying that we’re bringing new speed and scale to geospatial data. Billions of polygons! It’s fast!

The new version of MapD Core includes:

  • native support for Point, Linestring, Polygon, and MultiPolygon
  • new constructors, geometry editors, accessors, and joins to support the new geospatial data types
  • support for UPDATE and DELETE
  • role-based access control (which paves the way for future SSO support)
  • query engine performance enhancements

The new version of MapD Render includes:

  • rendering of the above geospatial types
  • rendering engine improvements
  • rendering support for polygons
  • Vega transforms

And Immerse includes:

  • shared dashboards with RBAC (read-only for now)
  • geospatial data ingestion from more data formats
  • server-side rendering of choropleth
  • performance improvements in rendering point map and geo heatmap charts
  • simplified UI workflow
  • initial support for allowing user-specified formats for measures in various charts

As always, you can download and compile the source code, download and install the Community Edition docker image, or roll your own on the cloud platform of your choice.

And if you want to try the full, mind-blowingly fast Enterprise Edition, MapD Cloud is up to date with 4.0. Sign up for a free two-week trial!

Thank you all so much for taking this journey with us. Your feedback, your use cases, and your enthusiasm keep us going. We look forward to sharing even more with you soon.

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