Mapd as postgres foreign data wrapper?


has anyone created a foreign data wrapper for mapd to be used in postgresql?



I have not heard of anyone building one.

I believe you may be able to use one of the generic jdbc ones, or perhaps the sql_alchemy one that a community member has built (detais here)

What would be the use case you are looking at to use this with MapD?



We store sensor reads currently in postgres and we are evaluating solutions for our data as it grows. I was hoping to store todays data in postgres then use mapd for everything beyond todays data.


I can try to write a read only fdw for Postgres using Multicorn and pymapd, but I don’t know how much time it will take; Postgres is one of few database I don’t work with.

The last time I touched it was at the end of 90s so I have to read some docs to have a test setup

i took a look to docs, and i think there isnt a way to push group by or joins remote db, so i could add an option where you can specify an sql with join, group by when creating the foreign table (it would more or less as creating a view on mapd) an allowing filerting on it.