MapD AWS marketplace instance port configuration error


I am trying to connect to the MapD community edition AWS market place instance from my local computer. When I run the ./mapdql command from /bin folder of $MAPD_CORE, I am getting a ‘connection refused error’. Here’s the details:

/raidStorage/prod/mapd/bin/mapdql -u mapd -p i-0362b289b03f6a162 (instance id)
Thrift: Mon Jun 26 22:23:24 2017 TSocket::open() connect() <Host: localhost Port: 9091>Connection refused
Thrift: Mon Jun 26 22:23:24 2017 TSocket::open() connect() <Host: localhost Port: 9091>Connection refused
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'apache::thrift::transport::TTransportException’
what(): connect() failed: Connection refused

Here is the security groups details:
Type Protocol Port range source
Custom TCP rule tcp 9090
ssh tcp 22 0.0
custom tcp rule tcp 8443
HTTPS tcp 443

Please advice what is a proper way to connect to mapql and also to immerse through my windows 10 laptop.




Just to be clear, the mapdql process you are trying to run is from a remote machine to where the server is running on AWS?




Can you confirm you can connect via mapdql locally from the same machine as the server is running.



Hi, I am using the MapD community edition from Amazon AWS marketplace. It is p2.xlarge instance. I connect to the AWS instance through ssh from my windows 10 laptop. I am following the instructions to run the MapD server from the MapD AWS instance description “To connect to the operating system, use SSH and the username centos. The SQL CLI mapdql may be accessed by connecting to the instance via SSH and then running: /raidStorage/prod/mapd/bin/mapdql -u mapd -p {instance-id}” .

The output that I have copied in my previous message is from the local machine (from the p2.xlarge centos server). I think the MapD server is not running even though I start with sudo systemctl start mapd_server and sudo systemctl start mapd_web_server. Please advice me how can I get a MapD server up and running. I have been trying to run MapD for several days now. So far unsuccessful and feeling very frustrated. I am also attaching few screen shots of my outputs, may be that will give you a better idea of what is going on.

Thanks for your support.
this is the output of sudo systemctl status mapd_server

This is the output of ./startmapd where the data folder is located at ~/data



Please see this thread.

You need to get a current community edition release to get past the segfault

Easiest way for you would be to stop the AWS instance you are running and just start a new one



You mean make another p2.xlarge instance by clicking ‘continue’ in this link ?



Yes, that should get you a new working instance.