MapD Charting and Linux


I’ve been using MapD Charting on Windows 10 and wrote down my fun and pleasant experience with the install from GitHub. Is there is a category on this Discourse site that I should post questions and experiences with MapD Charting? I notice that there’s MapD Core, MapD Immerse, and MapD Rendering, but I didn’t see a MapD Charting category. Should I put things in this General category?

Also, although my experience using MapD Charting on Windows 10 was smooth and pleasant, I wasn’t able to install it on Linux Ubuntu 17.04. Is there a standard Linux configuration I can use as a reference to get me started with using MapD Charting on a Linux desktop?

If not, that’s fine.

I’m also planning to test MapD Charting with Mac OS X. Anything I need to be aware of?



Thanks for trying MapD and writing your experience down, much appreciated.

I have created a new category MapD Charting feel free at add your comments here.

Could you detail your issues with getting Charting working on Ubuntu 17.04 so we can get you the help required.



Here’s the link to the log file on Ubuntu 17.04 with node 7.10.0 and npm 4.2. The log was generated from

npm install

Note that as I have this running on Windows 10, there is no problem if I don’t get it running on Linux. I was just hoping for quick fix by upgrading a missing package. It’s a bit easier for me to use Linux, but no problem to use Windows.



We are missing an important piece of info in our readme saying we need to use node version 5.12.

Easiest way I found to get node 5.12 working in a standard ubuntu 17.04 install:

Best way is to use n. It is a node module that helps you to update and switch between node versions easily.

npm install n --global

n list will list all versions.

If you want to switch to new version 5.12.0 use command n 5.12.0



Wonderful! Works like a charm on Ubuntu 17.04 now. Thanks for your help. Such a cool charting package.


I wrote up my progress installing MapD Charting on Ubuntu 17.04 in case other people have the same problem.

I also started making small changes to the interface for testing. I’ll play around with a few more mods then dive into the API documentation.