MapD Community Edition Sign up in AWS Cloud is not working for me


I’ve attempted to ‘Sign up in AWS Cloud’ a Community Edition version of MapD but the instance that gets created does not have a Public DNS/IP associated with it so I have no way to connect to it. I’ve attempted to assign an Elastic IP to it as a workaround but that didn’t work out either. Is the AMI correct or am I missing something? Would appreciate any insight you may have. Thanks, Adam M.



Sorry to hear you are having difficulties

please see if this post helps:

If it doesn’t get you there, can you please give some more details of exactly what is happening or not happening.



Ok, turns out I had something mis-configured in the VPC I had created/associated to it so it’s working fine now - thanks!


One quick question though … My instance does not have a Public DNS/IP configured so I had to configure an Elastic IP against it to gain access. Is it supposed to have a Public DNS/IP available?



That is part of the configuration of when you define the machine. Normally YES machines have a public IP address, it sounds like you VPC, or some other part of your EC2 setup did not to do that. Sometimes this is done by organizations so access to the cloud machines can only be reached via ‘jump boxes’ that have public ip’s and everything is only accessible once in the network.
This is not a MapD config thing, it is a EC2 thing, it you just use default settings through the machine creation it normally would have a public ip.



ok, excellent - thank you I will look into that - please consider this issue closed as I’m off and running with Community Edition now. Thanks!