mapD connector to AWS redshift


Short Q,

Does the SQL importer* works with aws redshift? Or the way to get redshift data would be to first dump the redshift tables into csv files in S3, and then load them into mapD?

if it doesn’t work with redshift, the list of importers would be mySQL, postgreSQL and SQL server? those are in the examples but wonder if someone has had luck with other DBs.


Ok. good news folks! it works perfectly fine with AWS redshift so far.

java -cp $MAPD_PATH/bin/mapd-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar:/home/ubuntu/RedshiftJDBC42- com.mapd.utility.SQLImporter -t test3 -su <redshift_username> -sp <redshift_pass> -c "jdbc:redshift://<redshift_host>:5439/<db_name>" -ss "SELECT * FROM schema.mytable"

And one can download the latest redshift jdbc driver from here:

JDBC 4.2–compatible driver: (The class name for this driver is