MapD Core Module stuck


Dear All,

Today i was loading the data using the COPY command and suddenly this process got stuck and loading not completed in next an hour.

I restarted the Mapd_server process and reloaded the same file and this time all files in that directory loaded without any problem.

Checked the process during the issue time and observation Futex Wait Error in Process ID. Enclosing the screen shot for reference.



I analysed the issue and

Root Cause
given the path as COPY as following
copy evr from ‘/home/loadingFiles/04_2018/03’ with (delimiter=’$’);

Correct Load file path
copy evr from ‘/home/loadingFiles/04_2018/03/*’ with (delimiter=’$’);

However i think loader should give Error Response and it should not go for indefinite wait mode.



@sumit thanks for the analysis! I’ll pass on your suggestion for better error handling to the engineers.