MapD Database with NVMe Storage


Hello All,

please let us know if we have any use case to store MapD Database in PCI-e based NVMe Storage.

would like to know what type of performance improvement we can expect in this case.



Hi @sumit. Many of our internal dev machines use NVMe storage with RAID (usually RAID 0) so that’s a use case that we know about, and it works quite well.

However, we can’t tell you about any great performance improvements from that setup. We would love to hear about your results if you try that configuration or other uses of NVMe.

Perhaps there are other members of the community that have other use cases.


Also, if you’re using RAID, we recommend two physical disks, not just logical partitions.


Hi @easy

we have plan to test the MapD with CPU,GPU,RAM and 100% NVMe in coming week for Telecom Call and Voice Detail Records. will share the details.


Noted with thanks :grinning: