MapD for MacOs use


Hi! Is it possible to use MAPD on MacOS? I saw the previous discussions actually but the terminology was kind of complex for me to understand and apply :slight_smile: . I am a design student and I need this for a small part of my project. Is there an easy way to access the application without coding?

thank you so much for now!


If you dont want to compile the source you can try using a docker image

I have little to no experience with MAC OSX but It would work

you can find installation steps here

just select in the target platform compute mode accordingly you hardware configuration (for gpu is needed an nvidia gpu) and Docker as Enviroment
I installed CPU only version on VMs without anyproblem too


Hi - As @aznable points out, it may be easier to start with docker and the CPU-only mode on Mac, if you’re unable to build from source. We are working to provide a community build for MacOS - stay tuned!