Mapd getting shutdown


mapd is getting shutdown for some queries
i have a table with data for year 2018 and it has year column with year 2018 and null values

if i query with (select sum(revenue) from table1 where year = 2018;) its giving result

but if i query for 2017 with same query mapd is getting shutdown is this because of null values in year column if so how to do this without changing data in table

select sum(revenue) from table1 where year = 2018 - its failing and mapd gets terminated as “code dumped”


Hi @nagulan,

Thanks for reporting this. I am unable to reproduce this crash with a simple table of year and revenue (note year is a reserved work in OmniSci, so had to create it as year1). Can you give us the version of OmniSci/MapD you are running, the exact schema for that table, and the hardware setup you are running on (i.e. does it have GPUs, and if so, how many)? And just to confirm, the fields in the year column are either 2018 or null?