Mapd gpu based database


how to start learning mapd gpu based database
where should i start
i want to learn mapd internals can anyone duide me


Hi nagulan,

Depends a lot on where you are starting from and what you want to get out of it. Can you describe a little more your background and what you are trying to accomplish?



I would start learning some Cuda programming to get an idea of what are the ways to accomplish basic operations like filtering and aggregates in a massive parallel enviroment


i have a doubt i migrated data from postgres to mapd using sql importer
in that data in date column are same in both mapd and postgres

but if i use any query with date column in mapd its showing value as 0

example :
select first_date from test_com1;

but if i query as:
select count(first_date) from test_com1 where first_date = ‘2018-10-26’;


when I checked the type of the column,it showed
mapdql> \d test_com1
CREATE TABLE test_com1 (
first_date DATE)


Hi @nagulan

I created the exact same table as in your example and it works for me, I am using Core v4.1.3. So these two statements work:

select first_date from test_com1 where first_date = ‘2018-10-26’
select first_date from test_com1 where first_date = DATE ‘2018-10-26’
Check the quotes you are using.