MapD intrinsic encryption, obfuscation, redaction capabilities


doing a research on MapD and capabilities available for the above capabilities. encryption at rest, in flight. obfuscation… "first_name RALPH becomes XXXXX " at rest, in flight. "first_name RALPH becomes JOHN " at rest, in flight. If you can point me to the docs or plans to accommodate this functionality I would appreciate it. This is for JPMC.

Ralph Fife


Ralph, we don’t currently support explicit encryption or obfuscation. Could you provide at least an outline of use cases that are specifically dependent on this need?


table has column first_name, last_name, phone_num, SSN. we need to shuffle first_names or we need to provide random mix of char for first_name. Phone_num same. SSN we need to shuffle the numbers 123-45-6789 becomes 352-77-2222… PK cols may have some affect. for instance a composite key across first_name,last_name, phone_num would definitely have an effect after the shuffle.