Mapd java jdbc PreparedStatement bug


hi author:
I’m sorry, my English is bad, I hope not express the wrong meaning.
I used jdbc batch insert data when found to specify the data field, but the insertion of data or disorder, such as the above two pictures. A value of 1 is inserted into field 1, but is inserted into field n.
I hope to get your help. Consult under the current version of jdbc support batch insert? If the support can tell me the correct batch insert data operation or mapd jdbc source website can download it?
Thank you!



Thanks for your note, and thanks for trying out MapD.

You have uncovered a bug in the addBatch bulk insert process. It is not respecting the order of the fields in the INSERT statement.

As a work around for now you will have to order the INSERT INTO statement to match the exact order of the columns as defined in the schema.

So in your case you need the INSERT to look like

INSERT INTO fr_fba123 (mmax. mmin, forcast_field, chmin, chmax, cach, myct) values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?)

or more simply

INSERT INTO fr_fba123 values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?)

Issue for tracking



thank you very much for your reply.
I have found a temporary solution, first in the bulk insert when the table field, and then according to the order of the table field parameters. Although it is uncertain that the solution is correct, but because of the project time relationship temporarily take the program to deal with.:喜悦:笑脸: