MapD Meetup - Sept 19 - "Visualizing 100 Million Data Points Using MapD"


Visualizing 100 Million Data Points Using MapD

When: Sept 19, 2017, starts 6pm
Where: MapD Offices

MapD is an open source GPU database and visualization platform for real-time analytics. Using the massive parallelization of GPUs running MapD, you can analyze even the largest data sets in orders of magnitude less time than traditional technologies, and expose that data in completely new ways to provide actionable breakthrough insights. Web developers can focus on the front-end with MapD Immerse and other visualization tools. Database developers can focus on the back-end with MapD Core. Organizations of all sizes can take advantage of these new open source technologies to really bring data to life.

Come to this MapD introductory meetup, and find out details of the MapD platform, see a demo of it in action, and learn how you can install and start using MapD today.

Don’t have access to a GPU server? Join the meetup, talk with us about your project, and we can discuss setting up a complimentary AWS GPU instance for you ($200 value) for testing and evaluation.


6:00 pm: Check-in, grab pizza and refreshments, say “Hi!" to other MapD users and developers

6:30 pm: Overview presentation on MapD Products, Demos, and Data Sources by Jesse Casman, MapD community organizer consultant

7:20 pm: Networking, Installation questions, AWS GPU instance discussions


Jesse Casman, MapD community organizer consultant, has been involved in open source and community development for many years. He has worked at multiple startups in the Valley including Intrinsic Graphics, a 3D application development platform, that was (partially) turned into Google Earth.


Go to the link below for information on how to RSVP