Mapd not support webservice and IFrame


Hi Mapd Team , i created the visualization using Mapd Immerse i can see the visualization in the Mapd ui only but that ui i need to use my HTML page for preview for the testing purpose i added the share link in the Iframe but its showing the all the dashboard details so the another member also can access the all dashboard details also i don’t want like that, there is anyway how to do use the dashboard and visualization in the front-end , like an web service call or Iframe tag for visualization for showing the visualizations only for accessed dashboard and visualization in the HTML to archive this scenario, and mapd will support REST Api for rendering the Visualization, Thanks…


Very looking forward to this feature



As far as controlling Immerse to display a specific dashboard there is a way to do this. Please see Setting login information

The part you are most interested in is the “loaddashboard” item.

it will get you at least some of the way to where you want to be.

We are adding finer grained security currently which will give more flexibility in controlling what users can see which will solve more of the access issue,