mapD on AWS marketplace on new G3 instances


AWS just released new instances:

But mapD seems to only be click-ready at AWS marketplace on p2 instances:

For using g3 instances, would manual installation work? Will you have one-click marketplace ready instances on g3 soon?




Due to some issue with Maxwell we do not official support the M60 and hence the G3 instances.

We would recommend using the P2 instances instead.

If you manually installed on the G3 instances things should work mostly fine, but as mentioned, we do not officially support that.



Iā€™m trying to follow this video.

I am new to AWS.

This is what is happening for me. How do I get to the point of seeing the MapD instance? I am using the $200 credit from the MapD promotional offer. p2.8xlarge



Have you ever used a p2 instance on amazon before. It is likely you do not have any access due to limits on your AMS account. Please look in your account and check you have access to a p2 machine,

For a first trial I would recommend you use a p2.xlarge rather then going straight to the 8xlarge



Thank you for your help. I am completely new to AWS as I normally build everything on Digital Ocean. I created a new AWS account specifically to test MapD Community.

With your helpful advice, I have just opened up a new case with AWS support to increase my Service Limit.