Mapd Open source Edition support ODBC?


Dear all,

would like to connect to Tableau BI tool with MapD Open source on ODBC Interface. please let us know is it ODBC is supported interface? if not any other interface can use to connect to Tableau Tool.



Hi @sumit -

ODBC support is part of our Enterprise Edition only.




Is it any way possible to connect “Tableau” Tool ?


Yes, you can use the MapD ODBC driver to connect with Tableau, it’s just not free/open-source. If in the future, Tableau provides JDBC access, that would be another way.


Noted with thanks



How we can connect MapD from perl ? for example when i am connecting to Oracle Database, we use DBI.


ODBC Drivers MapD EE

I’m not a perl coder, but can you use some combination of these?


last year i connected from Tableau to Mapd CE with the odbc to jdbc bridge of Easysoft, doing some customization on Mapd jdbc driver; i can download a trial of bridge and try this way


let me try the above link if it can work for us


thanks for sharing details and i will check Easysoft


i gguess it works same way with other odbc-jdbc products, so if you have another one licenced you haven’t to use Easysoft’s one.
Take in account you could have compatibility issue with the jdbc driver (feel free to ask, someone will help you out) and you will be using Tableau with generic odbc connections, that’s quite different from usign with a certificated data source and the query generated could be sub-optimal (e.g. using stddev on a generic odbc tableau will generate a suboptimal expression, so to get best performance you are force to use SCRIPT_* expressions)