Mapd shapefiles as layers on immerse



If I want to upload a shapefile into mapd it works, but what if I want to visualize the geometry (polygons defined in the shapefile) in the map as a layer on immerse, is this possible?


Hi @dfernan,

Thanks for your interest in Immerse. We are planning to introduce support for backend rendered choropleth very soon. This will enable shapefile rendering and rendering from a table joined to a shapefile.

We’ll have a big announcement in the forum when these features are released, but you can also subscribe to the MapD mailing list at, or follow MapD on Twitter


at the moment you can just add your shapefiles (i just tried geojson format) on server and use them on choropleth viz (this function isnt officially supported, but i works)


Thanks @aznable, @b23kelly! I am looking for choropleth but not just that, what about lines on a map for example? I just put an example - these lines can be defined as line geometry on a shapefile and ideally this would be an extra layer on the map and then one can overlay points on top of it for example.


i am not exactly an expert on map’s viz, but i guess you could obtain a result like that with actual choropleth implementation, but the number of polygons could pose serious performance problems, because the drawing is client side


As @b23kelly noted, very soon you will be able to render backend choropleths directly from shapefiles, geojson, kml, etc. See the image below for an example, or a screengrab demo here. It will handle millions of polygons, and with some optimizations we’ll be able to go even bigger.


As for line rendering, it will be come to Immerse in the near-to-mid term, and even sooner via the Vega API.