MapD support in DBeaver database IDE


Just sharing for anyone interested in using MapD from IDE, the JDBC driver is following standard, so its easy to integrate with for example:


Thanks @archenroot! Do you have a blog anywhere where you could post this (like GitHub page, Medium, etc.)? I think it’d be great to have this shared somewhere outside of a GitHub issue. If you do, we’d be happy to share this with our various social channels.


Yeah, sure, I mean I would like to post to once I have full POC done with everything I gathered, not just IDE, but to show some shining results of MapD in general :slight_smile: I am working on that.

At moment I am testing on NyC Taxi dataset from Todd:

Additionally I was looking how to generate meaningful GEO data and found very interesting project which I am going to test as well:
Slides (quick review):


Source code:

I would like to test not only pure aggregations, but also some spatial object tracking capabilities, etc. This is my main mission at moment on project, so I should have results soon!